Mar 2, 2022

Seeking Self: Jay Caspian Kang tackles the pull of white assimilation for second- and...

In a phone conversation, Berkeley-based writer Jay Caspian Kang speaks his truth in a multiplicity of voices—and reveals he may forever be a man in search of a singular identity. We’re talking about Kang’s most recent book, The Loneliest Americans, an energetically researched 272-page chronicle of Asian-American history in the...
Sep 8, 2021

Inter State: Jose Vadi travels the length of California and re-acquaints himself with the...

"Vadi said, 'I feel like Inter State is a series of essays that answer a lot of questions I had about myself and my family and my relationship with California. By way of answering those questions, it allowed me to investigate other questions I came up with along the way that hint at California’s future.'"
Aug 11, 2021

Slam Dunk: Nick Greene goes hard in the paint with ‘How to Watch Basketball...

"Greene said he took the fact that one man invented the game for granted. 'As I researched it, I realized that other sports cannot be traced to a single inventor,' he said. 'We have those 13 rules that started the game. From that, we can trace the watchability, see how the rules changed in this one, rare, fishbowl. It’s almost like a science experiment," Lou Fancher reports.
May 19, 2021

Revival Revealed

Michael Berry sits down with Monica West, author of 'Revival Season', to discuss her book on a family of faith healers and how it reflects, and doesn't reflect, her childhood growing up in different churches across America.
May 11, 2021

Shadow Box

Author and co-founder of Nerds of Color, Shawn Taylor reviews Ayize Jama-Everett's graphic novel that mines racial stereotypes for Jungian "Shadow work" on the global Black psyche.
May 5, 2021

Wasteful World

Michael Berry reviews former East Bay Express Editor, Michael Mechanic and his unflinching portrayal of the super-rich as both parasitic and spiritually impoverished in his new book, 'Jackpot'.
Apr 8, 2021

Samual Sattin’s personal stake in this year’s Oscars

When the Academy Awards are presented on April 25, Oakland writer Samuel Sattin will root for a European film with a personal connection. WolfWalkers, a production of the Kilkenney Ireland studio Cartoon Saloon, is nominated in the Best...
Apr 7, 2021

Write Is Might

East Bay Express Editor, Daedalus Howell, meditates on the pleasures and perils of the literary life in this week's Press Pass.
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