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Jul 27, 2022

A Vote to Raise California Minimum Wage?: Judge says not until 2024

Californians still won't get a chance to vote on a minimum wage hike this November, after a judge ruled late Friday that the campaign was at fault for missing a key deadline to get the measure on the ballot. Proponents, including investor and anti-poverty advocate Joe Sanberg, went to court...
Jul 20, 2022

We Were Warned: An iron curtain is descending on America

Great patriots have warned Americans of the possibility an iron curtain of authoritarianism could descend upon this country, making America over in the image of its fascist enemies. President Dwight Eisenhower in his first major presidential speech,...
Jul 20, 2022

Extraordinarily Disappointing: Cannabis advocates are frustrated with the Biden administration

From the beginning, the Biden administration has been opaque and mysterious regarding its stance on cannabis. This has made it difficult, to say the least, for advocates of various liberalizing bills that have made their way into...
Jul 13, 2022

Greek Weed

Some things (may) never change While the States lead the way in the legalization of cannabis, other countries are slow to follow. Or are they? In the case of my other home country and tourist mega-destination, Greece, the...
Jul 13, 2022

Support for Scholars: How much student housing does $1.4 billion buy?

What a difference $1 billion makes. An estimated 3,800 more college students will soon have affordable campus housing after state lawmakers and Gov. Gavin Newsom agreed to pump a portion of California's $300 billion budget into a student...
Jul 6, 2022

Deep Belief and Effort: Growing up, becoming a man

I’ve made my own choices along the path of life - spiritual, mental, physical. I declared myself a non-believer in my parents’ religion at age 16. I’d just read the book Exodus, by Leon Uris, and couldn’t tolerate...
Jul 6, 2022

New Faces of Change: BWOPA Fellows ready in front of and behind the scenes

The reversal of Roe v. Wade, and the continuing impact of a Supreme Court that does not represent the views and values of the majority of Americans, makes the work of Black Women Organized for Political Action...
Jun 29, 2022

A Great Idea: Emerald New Deal gives back

Sometimes you just know a good idea when you hear it. The Emerald New Deal, a proposed measure currently before the Oakland City Council, is just such an idea. The city’s Rules and Legislation Committee has recommended...
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