.Summer Guide

May 25, 2022

Critical Viewing: Essential documentaries to watch this summer

The documentary art form has evolved into an everyday tool to learn about and understand the world. True, sometimes people just need to take a load off and melt their brains with a streaming bonanza of light summer television fare, not too challenging at the beach. At times like these though,...
Jun 5, 2019

The Doggie Days of Summer

The rain has (finally!) stopped, the sun is out, and even our furriest of friends are looking forward to the arrival of warm summer days. All over the Bay Area, there are dozens of fab places to...
Jun 5, 2019

Big Moments Expected in Oakland’s Summer of Transition

Kevin Durant’s long-term whereabouts will be resolved this summer. Credits: Photo by Cyrus Saatsaz CC It's going to be a summer of transition for East Bay pro sports. First, the A's aim to leave the Coliseum but stay in Oakland...
Jun 5, 2019

From Seafood to Shakespeare

The Jesus and Mary Chain will play Burger Boogaloo. Credits: Mr. Rossi-Creative Commons Berkeley Kite Festival Kids may get ahold of smart phones at younger and younger ages, but nothing will detract from the simple childhood pleasure of flying...
Jun 5, 2019

Drama, Picnics, Sunsets, and the Occasional Moo

An evening of theater under the stars is a great thing. Credits: Photo by Jay Yamada If you haven't done Cal Shakes, you haven't done summer. At least that is the case according to fans and staff of the outdoor...
Jun 5, 2019

A Selective List of Outdoor Dining & Drinking

Lost & Found Bar. Credits: Photo by Lori Eanes This list is as comprehensive as possible, but there are undoubtedly some restaurants and cafes that we've missed. Please send updates via email, or via postal mail to Outdoor Dining,...
Jun 5, 2019

The East Bay’s Best Spots for Unconventional Frozen Treats

Here in the Bay Area, we're lucky to be able to eat ice cream and other frozen treats year-round. But summer is always a good excuse (as if you needed one) to try a new frozen dessert...
Jun 6, 2018

How to Have an Epic Cannabis Summer

Cannabis events will be hopping this summer. Credits: Photo by David Downs Now that cannabis is legal in California and many other locales, expect the 2018 summer travel season to be a game-changer. From our own...
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