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Jul 27, 2022

Tyranny of the Majority: Supreme Court denies religious freedom

A good friend who heads a leading law firm once explained that when a lawyer’s case is weak, he argues precedent. He relies on historical findings in similar cases to razzle-dazzle the judge and jury. But when a lawyer is in command of his case, understands how and why his...
Jun 8, 2022

The War Within Ourselves: The heart is mightier than the sword

They’re coming for me! Sounds like a horror movie on permanent rewind through the brain, through the soul. Catch your breath, buy a gun. What other choice do you have? It’s called, among other things, “white replacement theory”—but...
Jun 1, 2022

No Lone Wolves: Beyond gun control, we need hatred control

Another terrorist slips into the classroom, into the news. Does anyone understand this? Even if guns are easily, readily available, why, why, why? I find it impossible even to be angry—it’s hard to be angry under incomprehensible circumstances. Instead,...
May 25, 2022

The Coming Old New Order: From Cold War to Cold War

A principal lesson of the war in Ukraine is that the Cold War never ended. German reunification, the Soviet Union’s collapse, new entries in NATO, democratic springs in Poland and Hungary, Ukraine’s independence, the removal of nuclear...
May 18, 2022

A Promise to Our Kids: We won’t kill you

At a certain point, as I was reading the book I’d recently been sent, a strange transformation began occurring: Gradually, as I moved ever deeper into it, I wasn’t so much reading as quietly singing a hymn...
May 11, 2022

End the Culture Wars: Putin’s war will not be on the ballot, but democracy...

Historical memory can fade over time. Born in 1942, I've watched it happen.  We lost sight of the cruelty of fascism and authoritarian rule and how indispensable free democratic societies are to world peace and well being. Over...
May 4, 2022

Assessing Bad Behavior: Floy Andrews mounts campaign against Contra Costa County’s ‘Bad Boy’

For Floy Andrews, her master of science degree in bioethics from Columbia University is as important as her 15 years as an attorney in her quest to become Contra Costa County’s next assessor. This makes sense, since the...
Apr 13, 2022

The Changing Same: When Jim Crow greeted black veterans

I figured I’d better write this column while doing so is still legal (at least I think it is), but I don’t recommend reading it aloud in a third-grade classroom. There’s a piece of legislation sitting in the...
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